Dreamly is an IT professional team gathered to Kagawa Prefecture from all over the world.

Do you give up on what you want to achieve because it is countryside here or there is no IT technology here?
We swear to change this local situation.

We help invigorating your dreams with cutting edge IT technology.

Connect to Kagawa

Coopolate with Hammer Academy

Supporting IT human resource development in Kagawa as a programming school lecturer

Incubation facility

We have our own office on the 4th floor, a building in Tokiwa arcade street. And support companies and entrepreneurs participating in the 1-3F.

Unique CEO

He is Swedish guy who can speak even dialect of Kagawa well​

Coopolate with METI

Advice to Kagawa's specialty product overseas development plan

Coopolate with HOP

As English teacher

Development process

Dreamly would be good at agile development more than waterfall development which is common in Japanese companies.
Each approach has advantages and disadvantages, though.

Advantages of Agile development

– Can flexibly respond to projects where specifications are likely to change or add
– Short delivery time and start business in a short time
– Helps discover potential needs of users