Dreamly is an international team bringing state of the art IT skills to Kagawa.

We will help invigorating your dreams, even in the rural parts of Japan.

A part of Kagawa

Unique CEO

A Swedish guy who can also speaks Japanese in the Kagawa dialect

Won the business competition

Ideas for developing medical institution applications by using blockchain technology

Partnership with Hammer Academy

Supporting IT resource development in Kagawa by providing lectures in programming & IT

Cooperation with HOP

Our staff provides language assistance for a new approach to teaching English

Cooperation with METI

Providing advice to Kagawa's producers for how to bring their products overseas

Startup Incubator

Creating a supportive focal point for startup initiatives together with private and public institutions

Development process

Dreamly is focused on agile development, not on waterfall development which is common in Japanese companies.
Each approach has advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of Agile development

– Can flexibly respond to changes in projects where specifications are likely to change or add
– Short delivery time and start business in a short time
– Helps discover potential needs of users