Management & analytical platform for weather data


For the benefit of our customer, Kamomeya, we are currently developing a management and analytical platform for the weather observation stations that Kamomeya is offering. 
This platform will enable Kamomeya and its’ partners to easier understand the general situation of the installed weather stations but also drill down into the fine details necessary to identify reoccurring issues with the different parts that make up the stations.

Our Responsibilities

UX & UI Design

Utilizing Material Design as a base pattern while thoroughly analyzing the users we make sure that the solution will be easy to use.

Responsive Single Page Application

The main interface of the platform will be implemented as a responsive React Web app, mainly targeting tablets and desktops.

Modern server architecture

We make sure that the platform can support real time analytics for huge amounts of data by empowering the project with AWS and Kubernetes together with Kafka.

Remote Control of Digital Billboards

A partnership with VLN

VideoLifeNext is providing digital billboards (so called Digital Signage) to their customers,
empowering them to more easily and more beautifully advertise information to the end-customer.
Dreamly is the official development partner for the upcoming Content Management System for Digital Signage solutions.

Our Responsibilities

User in focus

Aiming for the best possible User Experience, making sure that we save time and reduce frustration instead of increasing both

Cloud service

The platform will be a cloud native application powered by Google Cloud and Kubernetes, making the platform both robust, cost efficient and portable.

Any time, any where

The customer might want to adjust the content of their digital billboard will on a business trip, on a vacation or in the office - we will enable the customer to at a time and place of their choosing adjust their digital billboards

Universal platform for Inbound Tourism


More information coming following public announcement from Anabuki.

Our Responsibilities


By utilising Flutter we achieve a native solution iOS and Android with a common codebase.

Agile Development

Anabuki and Dreamly firmly believes in creating software that's matching the users needs thus employs an agile and lean mindset to the software development - building one feature at a time, taking user feedback into consideration.

Cloud Native

Google Cloud and Kubernetes allows us to create a solution that is globally scalable and cost efficient with a high level of automation - allowing us to elegantly serve larger amounts of users.