穴吹興産 株式会社

Anabuki Kosan is a well established group in Shikoku, renowned for its' passion in developing and assisting its' surroundings - contributing in more ways than just simple business.

One such area is tourism, helping Shikoku become easier and more attractive for foreign tourists. This they do through Anabuki Travel, one of the companies in the group.

Together with Anabuki Travel, we are building a smartphone centric platform focusing on inbound tourists, aiming at making the hard-to-access Japanese traditional & authentic experiences more accessible.


Melody International is a startup within the medical industry, focusing on creating portable medical devices for pregnant women.
They recognize that a pregnancy have many difficulties, one difficulty being on what the pregnant women should consider a normal situation for her child.
This issue they assist with by providing a medical device which is capable of detecting for example heart beats of the child within and also making this data available to the assigned doctor - reducing the need to go to the doctor and the anxiety of the expecting mother.

For Melody, we are building cross platform smartphone apps.


濱川学院では現在、各生徒の学習進捗状況を管理するだけでなく、課題やテストなどの成績を含めた学問的側面全体を統括管理、またコーチング・リーディングすることに重点を置いた、ブロックチェーンベースのeラーニングプラットフォーム、SkillUpを開発しています。 このプロジェクトはクラウドサービスになり、今年度中にベータ段階に入ります。