About Us

Dreamly Co., Ltd., established on January 11, 2019.

The founder and CEO is Lars Larson.

Studied Computer Science at the Royal Institute of Technology, one of Europe’s leading technical universities.

He worked as a software developer and project manager in Stockholm.

He speaks English, Swedish and Japanese.

In 2017, Larson moved from Sweden to Kagawa, Japan.

Though Japan is said to be an advanced IT country in the world, he was shocked to be in a “Galapagos state” in every way when he started to live there.

For example, Internet banking and digitization of government office documents, which are common in Sweden, have made little progress here.

When someone rents a house, creates a bank account or goes to a hospital… The certifications and documents are paper anywhere in Japan.
He recognized that there are still many sites that don’t have a smartphone site even in this era.

10 years ago is the same as now.
Or 10 years later is still the same as now…

We’d like to prevent those like that.

We take you out of Galapagos with cutting edge IT technology.



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